Author: Theeba Muniandy

7 Things To Consider When You Are Choosing Nursing Home For Your Loved Ones.

Earlier, sending parents to the nursing home or elderly care home has been seen as an almost sinful act by society. But now the time has changed. It has turned a crucial need in the current society. Children working abroad or migrated abroad; the need for nursing care; children busy with work and some other societal and economic changes have contributed to the demand for elderly care or nursing ho...


I have been working as dietitian in elderly long term care facility for the past two and half years since 2016. It was not a charity care rather paid service centers with most of your daily needs are taken care of perfectly.Morning routine, grooming, 5 meals per day, nursing care, TV time, physiotherapy, more than enough rest and sleep. When we look at the reasons for children to send their parent...

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