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Huggies Platinum with ZeroFeel™ Technology, the first of its kind diaper that brings comfort for both babies and parents!

Huggies Platinum with ZeroFeel™ Technology, the first of its kind diaper that brings comfort for both babies and parents!

Petaling Jaya, 3rd May 2019: One of the greatest challenges for parents of young children is the ability to adjust to your child’s sleeping patterns; not so much that babies and toddlers do not sleep, but more on the right amount sleep and when they sleep as this has a significant impact on the sleep patterns of parents as well.

Studies claim that most parents with babies, get less than five hours of sleep a day. Aside from waking up for feeding time, a soggy, wet and restrictive diaper adds to the disruption of the baby’s sleep cycle as well as that of parents. Studies have also shown that constant disruptions to a parent’s sleep patterns can manifest itself in many serious effects from feeling fatigued to being less productive during the day that and can contribute to symptoms of depression and a lack of attention which is crucial to your baby.

Huggies, a trusted brand that offers some of the best overnight diaper protection for babies, is constantly evolving its range of products to offer more comfortable, more absorbent and longer night time protection for babies to provide them with the extra coverage they need while also enabling parents to get better sleep.

“Huggies understands that parents need all the energy to care for their babies. This challenge was an opportunity for Huggies to develop improved diaper care for a baby’s needs which will keep your baby comfortable through the night and in doing so, provide parents the much-needed sleep they deserve to keep them energized and alert to their child’s needs during the day. This was one of the key insights for the development of our Huggies Platinum with ZeroFeel™ Technology,” said Nitish Gupta, the marketing director of Kimberly Clark.

Introducing Huggies Platinum with ZeroFeel™ Technology

Huggies Platinum with ZeroFeel™ Technology is the first of its kind diaper that not only helps keep your baby in greater comfort for much longer, but also contributes to helping parents with two other pressing challenges i.e. to keep your baby’s bottom dry and give them a nice soft snug fit.

This new range of premium diapers, with its revolutionary ZeroFeel™ Technology is ultra-thin at only 5mm despite its five-layer super absorbent structure. It is light and breathable – with 100 million breathable holes1 that allows fresh air to pass through. Equipped with 360o super flexible core, Huggies Platinum is a slim fit diaper that does not bunch or add bulkiness even after multiple wettings. Its 3D leak lock liner has 9,000 micro funnels to lock liquid quickly for ultimate dryness; all of which will help keep your baby in greater comfort and contribute to more peaceful slumber.

Diaper changing is also made less daunting especially during late nights and with a wriggling baby to boot. Huggies Platinum comes in two options – customizable tape-fits and pull-ups; the pull-ups have silky soft waistbands with 2.5 times stretchiness2 that gently embraces your baby in total comfort, thereby minimising red marks. Whether your baby is at play or asleep, our silky soft materials really is our best care for your baby’s skin.

Nitish added, “Huggies is committed to providing premium and innovative care for babies and one key concern for parents is the need to get the right diaper for their little bundle of joy. This is the second most important thing, next to feeding and keeping your baby healthy, always. For a parent who is sleep deprived, overwhelmed and exhausted, this can be a very daunting experience.”

“Huggies Platinum not only aims to help parents minimise this challenge with its 12-hour overnight absorbency, it also elevates your baby’s comfort level and gives you greater peace of mind. Because, the truth is a well-rested parent is a happy parent and will definitely contribute significantly to a healthy and cheerful baby.”

Try Huggies Platinum for free

Parents can now try out the new Huggies Platinum with its superior ZeroFeel™ Technology for your baby, thanks to Huggies’ first of its kind interactive diaper vending machine in Malaysia. Be a part of this creative sampling initiative and be on your way to putting a smile on your baby’s face. This mobile vending machine is located at Ikano Power Center (2nd floor) from 1st – 14th May, 2019 and then at Sunway Pyramid from 24th – 30 th May, 2019. Don’t forget to stop by these locations to sample the very best Huggies has to offer.

For more information on The Huggies Platinum with ZeroFeel™ Technology, please visit or follow the Official Facebook page at

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