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    The food blister plastic stand can improve the price and image of the product itself, as well as establish and promote brand image. The main purpose of using blister packaging is to better display and protect the product, so that the perfection of the product is presented to the customer. There is another advantage of food blister stand is for separation, shockproof, display. It can pack many small pieces of product and make the products more beautiful.
    Food Blister Plastic Stand Features and Advantages
    Food Blister Plastic Stand Features: strong environmental protection performance, professional performance, strong reliability, strong transportation performance;
    Advantages: customization available, samples available
    Food Blister Stand Production Process
    Project Discussion-Design&Drawing-Mold Proofing- Production Mold-Automatic Positive and Negative Pressure Equipment Production-Integrated Cutting-Inspection & Packaging
    Food blister plastic stand can be customized according to the specific product features, or it can be customized according to the product carton dimensions.
    The recommended material: PET/PP/PS/, and the thickness of conventional materials is between 0.3mm and 1.0mm.
    Product Application
    Food blister stand can be used for end-consumers. It is also used in process of production and packaging in transit.
    Service & Warranty
    Integrated production, high-cleanness production/clean room production, rapid sample production and mass production, free samples, 100% inspection to ensure product quality.Food Blister Packaging

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