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    ◎Our History
    The company originated from aluminum products base. Our team has been working on metal products and mould develop and machining for many years. With the advantage of rich native aluminum materials, transfer to deep machining and processing of aluminum products, Dedicated to processing and manufacturing aluminum circles and aluminum sheets.
    ◎Our Factory
    1. Yabao factory have several automatic circle blanking production line, which with high automation, low depending on labor, ensure the quality and production rate high;
    2. Have the ability of mould manufacturing development. It can meet the self-sufficiency of various specifications of the aluminium circle or disc, has higher production flexibility,Greatly improve the efficiency of production and processing.
    3. Yabao factory located in aluminum industrial base, Gong Yi city, Supporting aluminum scrap recycling industry mature,To achieve efficient and energy-saving production cycle, greatly saving costs, to provide better market competitiveness for cooperative customers;
    4. Our team has rich experience in working with global customers, Commercial Manager Eva Qi work on this area more than 15 years. Active and efficient communication is the foundation of our cooperation.
    ◎Our Product
    Aluminum circle, color coated aluminum circle, customized shape of aluminum plate, aluminum sheet, aluminum strip.
    ◎Product Application
    Aluminum circles discs use for cookware, such as pot, non stick pan, tea kettles, coffee urns, stainless cookware bottom plates, square sheets use for baking dish or plates. Also use for lighting and spinning industries.
    ◎Our Certificate
    Quality certificate ISO 9001.
    ◎Production Equipment
    Automatic circle blanking production line, Leveler, Punching pressure machine, aluminum Uncoiler, CNC machining centers, Grinding machine.
    ◎Production Market
    We sale in china mainland, same time we export by ourself to MEXICO, RUSSIA, GREECE, PHILIPHINE, ASIA. Aluminum material business Growing well based on our good quality and service.
    ◎Our Service
    Quality is the first thing which need to focus on.
    Our vision is to provide quality aluminum discs and sheets for our customers.
    On time delivery service.
    Timely handling of after-sales problemsAluminum Parts Pricelist

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