Debunking Common Lung Cancer Myths and Stopping the Stigma

Did you know that every day,approximately 10 Malaysians die of lung cancer[1]? According to the World Health Organisation, lung cancer is also responsible for the highestnumber of deaths in 2018, specifically 1.8 million deaths which is equivalent to 18.4% of the total[2]. Unfortunately, due to the stigma attached to this disease,patients have reportedly delayed their diagnosis and treatment[3]. This has also caused the lack in support and public empathy for lung cancer when compared to many other diseases. In an effort to stop such stigma, it’s crucial to first fix common misconceptions about the disease and educate the public regarding potential life-saving truths. Myth #1: Only smokers are succumbed to getting lung cancer While a majority of people who have lung cancer are smokers (or w...

Stents Technologies in Coronary Artery Disease

Author – Dr. Alan Koay Choon Chern, Consultant Cardiologist, Columbia Asia Hospital – Taiping An overview of coronary stents evolution, its current status and future directions The heart has a network of coronary arteries which circulates blood within the organ. From the aorta,  vessels branch off to form the right and the left coronary arteries for coronary circulation. Coronary artery disease is the obstruction of any of these vessels, resulting in heart attacks or acute coronary syndrome. Coronary artery disease (CAD), either narrowing (stenosis) or blockage (occlusion), arises from plaque deposition in the arterial wall, also known as atherosclerosis. This results in restriction of  blood flow and hence oxygen to the heart muscle, which is called ischemia. Atherosclerosis is beyo...

Population Ageing and Dementia – The 21st century’s biggest healthcare challenge

AUTHOR: Dr. Merilynn Gayathri, General Physician, MSc Gerontology & Ageing Studies, Brighton Healthcare, Cyberjaya We are living in unprecedented times of population ageing, where the world  currently has the largest proportion of older persons in the history of humankind. Population ageing has garnered much attention in recent years, as globally the number of older adults aged over 65 reached 901 million in 20151. In Malaysia, the older person’s population is currently at 5 percent, projected to increase to 14.5 percent in the year 2040. This effectively triples the number of older people in an immensely compressed period, making Malaysia an aged nation in the very near future. Despite the positive perception of longevity, genetic risk factors coupled with biological insults over time...

EITN Roundtable: Healthcare tech

Enterprise IT News (EITN) organised a HealthTech Roundtable discussed how IT can facilitate better access for the public to healthcare. The event was well-represented by key people from the Health Ministry, Sancy Berhad, Hospital USM and TM One; highlighting the state of Malaysia’s healthcare system and key issues, challenges and opportunities for better IT support.

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