Debunking Common Lung Cancer Myths and Stopping the Stigma

Did you know that every day,approximately 10 Malaysians die of lung cancer[1]? According to the World Health Organisation, lung cancer is also responsible for the highestnumber of deaths in 2018, specifically 1.8 million deaths which is equivalent to 18.4% of the total[2]. Unfortunately, due to the stigma attached to this disease,patients have reportedly delayed their diagnosis and treatment[3]. This has also caused the lack in support and public empathy for lung cancer when compared to many other diseases. In an effort to stop such stigma, it’s crucial to first fix common misconceptions about the disease and educate the public regarding potential life-saving truths. Myth #1: Only smokers are succumbed to getting lung cancer While a majority of people who have lung cancer are smokers (or w...

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