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Talking To Cancer Patients Is Not Rocket Science! Here’s How To!

Talking To Cancer Patients Is Not Rocket Science! Here’s How To!

Cancer is a devastating disease and has claimed a lot of lives especially in this decade. The news that you or a close relative has cancer is heartbreaking. If you talked to cancer patients, they would openly tell you how horrific it is to live with the disease. Death can come knocking anytime without a warning. This is the reason why cancer patients need the best care and affection to help them live a happy life free from worries and grief. There are several ways to show love and affection to these loved ones. Here is a lift of a few ways to write to cancer patients. Here’s how to talk or write to someone who has been diagnosed with cancer

1. Say something

If a friend of yours or even a family member is diagnosed with this disease, you might find yourself tongue-tied and completely unable to say anything. This is completely normal and understandable but you should not drift away from him or her. Even if this is quite difficult, make an effort to reaching out to them to show them that you are there. You could send him or her a short email or a text to tell them that you received the news and that you’ll always be by their side. If you have the courage to face them, bring with you a nice gift. A gift that will display how much you care for them. Gifts for cancer patients include; candle gifts, a nice necklace, or even a mug with a cool note. If you can’t figure out something to say, it’s not an offense to admit so but you have to do it in a polite way that shows courtesy.

2. Offer them emotional support

Being diagnosed with this disease is a big chunk to swallow. It takes a lot of courage and time to accept it. For this reason, such patients must be very lonely. Stay by their side and express the support you’re willing to give them. You can make a very big difference to these people by just being a perfect listener to them. You should never press them to talk more about what the doctor said during the diagnosis. This might be harmful to them emotionally.

3. Offer them practical support

It would be very useless sitting by someone feeding them with sweet words that aren’t accompanied by some actions. Practical help comes in many ways. If they have families promise them that you will look after them. You can say something like “I’m always around when the kids leave school. I could pick them up”. You can also offer to help them with chores at home. This includes cleaning and looking after pets.

4. Be encouraging

Besides the normal moral support, your statements have to be encouraging. Try not to be pessimistic and drive some sentiments into them. It could be a bit difficult to find the right words but try as much as possible to be simple and precise. You could say something like “I know this is difficult for you, but I’m here in any way that you may need me”

Talking to them isn’t as hard as it may sound. As hard as it might be, don’t rub it on their faces that they are sick. Try to be courteous and act mature!

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