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UiTM Pharmacy Students Empowering their Fellow Students

UiTM pharmacy students empower university comrades to use medicine responsibly

Pharmacy students of the Universiti Teknologi MARA, UiTM had organised it’s fourth Annual ‘Pharmacy Healthcare Day (PHD)’ in March 2019. With the theme ‘Know Your Pharmacist’. The program was held in various locations of the Puncak Alam UiTM campus, promoting the quality use of medicines among students and it highlighted the importance of consulting the pharmacists on the medicines. The event featured several programs aimed to highlight the roles of pharmacists in promoting public health and healthy lifestyle among the students at the university.

Some of the activities that were held during the event included blood glucose and blood pressure screening, blood donation, dietary consultation, posture assessment, and cancer awareness exhibition. One of the highlights of the event was the ‘pharmaceutical compounding show’ where the first year Pharmacy students demonstrated their skills in compounding several pharmaceutical formulations such as creams, ointment and emulsions to the crowd.

Besides the students from the Faculty of Pharmacy of UiTM, students from other health sciences faculties such as Physiotherapy, Nursing, and Medicine, also joined forces to make the event successful. Additionally, several governmental organizations such as the Ministry of Health (MOH), State Health Department of Selangor, and National Cancer Council, Malaysia (MAKNA) participated in the event as exhibitors.

Other than health exhibitions, the event also included a cycling competition and food festivals that featured various types of healthy food from all around Malaysia. Two educational talks on humanitarian pharmacy and the use of technology to optimize patient-centric care were also held during the events. These talks not only provided the students with new information about how pharmacists can improve patient care but also highlighted the expanding roles of pharmacists in healthcare.

Director of the program Nurfarah Nadiah, a second-year Pharmacy student said the program did not only create awareness among university students about health and quality use of medicine but also promoted the roles of pharmacists as important partners in health. The program also proved that Pharmacy students can provide a significant contribution in empowering the public, especially the university students to become empowered in caring for their own health.



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